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Frank Corbishley

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Fr. Frank has been the Episcopal Chaplain at UM since 1994.  A native of Syracuse, New York, he attended college at Georgetown University (B.S. in Foreign Service) and graduate school at Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management (Master of International Management).  After working in the 1980's in international banking, mostly with Barclays Bank PLC, he attended the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in New York City, where he earned a Master of Divinity in 1990.  He is married to Miami attorney Deborah Sampieri Corbishley.  They have two young adult daughters and one college-aged son.

For several years Fr. Frank has been an Ibis Ally.  In 2021 he was also trained as an Ibis Mentor.  While society in general has made great progress regarding LGBTQ+ issues, it pains Fr. Frank that so much of the persistent bigotry against the LGBTQ+ community comes from various parts of Christianity.  This is one reason why outreach to the LGBTQ+ community on campus has been a particularl concern of his.  This is not just a personal view:  The Episcopal Church on the whole backs him up in this concern.

Fr. Frank is also very much interested in the rights of workers, immigrants, racial minorities, religious minorities, and social justice in general.  He regards all of these as being Gospel mandates.

Chapel Administrator

Debbie Wehking

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Debbie Wehking handles Chapel reservations (mostly for music students), pays the bills, manages the accounts, and basically keeps the place running.  She has a particular concern for the plight of refugees seeking asylum in our country, especially the children and teens.

6PM Pianist

Audrey Puschinsky

Audrey graduated from the Frost School of Music in May 2021 and began pursuing her doctorate in piano performance in August 2022.  She joined the Chapel's Sunday evening student Eucharist in fall term 2022.

Lead Vocalist at Student Eucharist

Kyle Largey

Kyle, a junior in the Frost School of Music majoring in Music Education, joined the Chapel's Sunday night student Eucharist as our lead singer in fall term 2022.