• Maundy Thursday meal
  • In Martin Luther King, Jr.'s room at Hampton House
  • A student supper
  • Maundy Thursday Last Supper
  • Touring Hampton House, setting for movie "One Night in Miami."
  • Marching with Farmworkers
  • Standing with UM Janitors
  • Students at Thanksgiving Dinner
  • SpectrUM 25th Anniversary
  • Thanksgiving
  • Student Supper
  • Student Service
  • Fundraising Concert for Ukrainian Refugees
  • A student supper
  • Easter Dinner
  • Swamp Walk
  • Religion Awareness Day
  • Cerro Negro, the descent
  • Easter Dinner
  • Maundy Thursday Footwashing
  • Marching with Farmworkers
  • Chacraseca, Nicaragua
  • Cerro Negro, Nicaragua
  • Last Supper/Maundy Thursday
  • In the Everglades
  • Easter Dinner
  • Lessons & Carols
  • Student Supper
  • At Miami Beach Pride Parade
  • Lessons & Carols
  • Interfaith Panel
  • Great Vigil of Easter
  • Easter Dinner
  • Christmas
  • 'Canefest
  • Ash Wednesday


St. Bede Chapel, the Episcopal Church Center at the University of Miami, is a place where progressive Christianity and traditional worship meet.  An outreach of The Episcopal Church, we are here to serve any and all students, regardless of your particular religious tradition (or lack thereof).  The word "Episcopal" describes what we have to offer; it in no way is intended to limit whom we serve.

For a fuller description of who we are, please click on the "About Us" icon!


  • College Student Service

    Sundays, 6PM.  

  • Student Supper

    Sundays at 7PM, in the Chapel courtyard.