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All along the southern border of this nation is a series of (metaphorical) signs:  one reads, "Keep Out!" and the other, "Help Wanted!" (Image courtesy of Jim Wallis of Sojourners.)The people who cross this border are everywhere.  They are in the fields of Homestead and Immokalee harvesting our food; they are in our homes caring for our children; they climb up on top of our homes repairing our roofs; they are building our office towers and condominiums.  We find it convenient to have them around.  But at the first sign of inconvenience too many of us are willing to throw these people under the bus.
Miami of all places, we of all people, should be the last to turn our backs on the immigrants in our midst.  Our Scriptures are full of admonitions to treat the alien in our midst as the native-born citizen, yet too many of us Christians insist on a literal adherence to Scripture when it comes to treating others harshly while being all too willing to ignore those parts of Scripture that call us to treat others with compassion.  These times are a test of our moral mettle.  Will we take risks to stand up for the most vulnerable people in our society, or will we simply go along to get along?
A meme I've seen on Facebook sums it up pretty well:  Have you ever wondered what you would have done had you been around during the Civil Rights struggle?  Well, whatever you're doing now, that's what you would have done!
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  December 2017  
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Canterbury Preschool Ballet in Chapel
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Ballet in Chapel Tuesday & Thursday - 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
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