• At SPECTRUM's 25th anniversary
  • Around the altar
  • Jumping on Cerro Negro Volcano
  • 'Cane Fest
  • Big Cypress Swamp
  • Posing Completely Naturally in Chacraseca
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Scale model of Chapel by student
  • Food line
  • Student supper
  • 3rd Grade at Maryknoll School, Chacraseca, Nicaragua
  • Paschal fire at start of the Great Vigil of Easter
  • Religious Awareness Day
  • The Bishop's Visit
  • Yoga
  • Bree Newsome came to the Chapel
  • Remembering the Last Supper
  • Easter dinner
  • Painting Easter eggs
  • Easter Dinner
  • Yoga
  • Students waiting for Fr. Frank's kids to hide eggs for Easter egg hunt
  • Lessons & Carols for Christmas
  • Lessons & Carols
  • Student Supper
  • Some recent graduates
  • Baptism at the Great Vigil of Easter
  • Lessons & Carols
  • Bree Newsome took down the Confederate flag!


          In an effort to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 novel corona virus, the bishop has directed that all churches in the Diocese of Southeast Florida, including the Chapel, cancel services from March 14 - June 30.

Hence, the general welcome message below (in UM green & orange font) gives you some general information about our mission, but the specifics do not apply for the several weeks beginning March 14. 

We pray for everyone's health and well-being.


  Here at the Episcopal Church Center at the University of Miami we welcome YOU. Yes, you! Whatever your creed, race, nationality, or sexual orientation you are welcome to be part of our community. The only requirement is that you want to be here!

            We are here to serve all students at the University of Miami. By no means are all of our Chapel students Episcopalian. We typically have Lutherans, Roman Catholics, members of the United Church of Christ, Presbyterians, and others. Even people of no specific belief and other seekers have also been part of our worshiping community over the years. Any and all students who are interested in joining us are welcome. 

            We have a student worship service Sunday evenings at 6:00, followed by a free student supper in the Chapel courtyard. (You don't have to come to church to join us for supper!)  On Wednesdays we have a free yoga class at 6:30 p.m., led by a trained yoga instructor.  Fr. Frank leads a brief meditation at the beginning and end of the yoga classes.

            Through weekly worship, student suppers, yoga, discussions, and special holiday events, we encourage discourse in our community on all subject matters. We also participate with other chaplaincies on campus in interfaith events.

            Fr. Frank is a trained and certified Ibis Ally.  We're here to help!

            If you're looking for friendly faces, interesting discussions, and a welcoming safe space, check us out!



    Black lives matter!  Yes, of course ALL lives matter, and all lives matter to God. The problem is that, for far too many people, black lives really do not matter.  That is why it is so important to say clearly & emphatically, "Black lives matter!" -------   In 1619 a group of English colonists in Virginia bought several kidnapped people from Africa and forced them to clear the forests to make their farms. This was one year BEFORE Plymouth Rock! Racism has been integral to our nation since the very beginning.  Our country is great in many ways: economically, militarily, even geographically. But we will never be truly great morally until we acknowledge, confront, and repent of the racism that is so endemic to our people. As Americans, and as Christians, this is a moral imperative.  Silence is complicity!

  • Virtual Services During Pandemic

    In an effort to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, the bishop has directed that all IN PERSON church services be cancelled in the period from March 14 to June 30. Sunday services will resume June 30th  at the earliest, but when we will be able to resume normal operations depends on the course of this pandemic. For the duration of the pandemic we will be offering virtual Sunday services via Zoom.  You can join us for Morning Prayer at 10AM at this link: https://zoom.us/j/94135573130.  

    You can join us for Evening Prayer Sundays at 6PM at this linkhttps://zoom.us/j/94051716555

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